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Well I found out that the car was a repairable write off that had been fixed. If I didnt know this I would have bought it so carhistorychecks has saved me a lot of money and future troubles.


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Lydiate M.

Quick, easy and great price for same details as the more expensive checks, THANK YOU..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Car History Report?

A car history report from Vin Check Report is a comprehensive historical report on a motor vehicle registered in Australia. The aim of the report is to help you make a decision on a potential car purchase by giving you the facts beforehand.

Unlike other reports or free car history reports, our car history reports include a PPSR certificate. This certificate, provided by the Personal property Securities Registry (PPSR), is an official Australian government certificate that gives you information on:

  • Verification of vehicle make and model details
  • Stolen vehicle check based on national information, not just state
  • Finance owing / vehicle encumbrance to avoid repossession
  • Written-off status of the vehicle (storm, flood, hail, accident, fire damage, etc.)
  • Registration details including expiration date and state of registration

Car history reports are generated from a national database. Whether you are in NSW or QLD or WA, you can access a car history report for any state in Australia.

Get reliable information from the Australian government database on all vehicles registered in Australia. Run a Car History Check for vehicles in NSW, WA, and QLD or any other state.

Why should you get a car history report?

Running a vehicle history helps you to avoid buying a used car with hidden problems that could be costly.

With the previous owner's information and reports on prior accidents and damage, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run by just doing a less than 1-minute report online.

As a seller, get a report and see what your buyer will see when they run a car history check. That way, you can be prepared to answer any questions your buyer will have.

If you're buying a used car, run a car history check online and get the details to make a good deal and a smart buy.

Order a car history check/vehicle history report online if you're buying or selling a car, truck, RV or motorcycle.

How to Get your Car History Report

Make smart decisions. Don't get ripped off. Get a vehicle history report in 3 easy steps.

  • Step 1. Enter the vehicle VIN Number. The number can be found inside the car or on the registration papers.
  • Step 2. Order your report by entering your payment details on our secure online payment platform
  • Step 3. Click enter and get your car history report delivered to your phone in seconds after your payment is processed.

Get value for money. Buy with confidence, Request a Car History Report online now with Vin Check Report.